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The Concept

As mentioned in the Home page of this project, the main concept of this project is to take the idea of re-usability directly to the end user of the database.

If we were to look at a particular finalised solution in Access it is very likely that we would find a number of functional elements that are common accross solutions.

I'm not claiming that this is a novel observation or a particularly revolutionary idea, all you have to do is to look at popular Content Management Systems to see that the concept of modularised and pluggble functionality is widely used.

However, to my knowledge, this architechture has not been used yet to build applications in MS Access.

By following the concept of using Access as a platform, all that's really needed is an "agreement" to develop this modules of functionality. It is my firm belief that by doing so it wouldn't take too long before a powerful gallery of reusable functional modules could be built for the benefit of the millions of users of Access in the world.

Also, by using Access, I believe that a lot of individuals and small businesses around the world could enjoy the benefits of well designed applications built by themselves according to their specific needs without paying the price of development and maintenance costs of custom built systems.

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