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The Modules

Based on my personal experience, I've listed here the modules that I think would be most common and useful across a variety of applications.

I've also organised this modules into logical functional groups, at least from my point of view. Please feel free to suggest additional modules that you think should be on this list.

Core Modules

In order to abstract the most common tasks and to establish foundations for the development of future modules, I believe that modules which handle the following functionality should be created:
  • Database, Tables and Queries (including interactions with non-Access databases
  • Strings and text manipulation
  • Arrays
  • Application and User Settings managment
  • File handling and manipulation
  • Custom Ribbon management, including integration of module specific ribbons and tabs (for this project I've implemented a dynamic ribbon)
  • Localisation (languages) handling
  • Windows registry operations
  • Module installation, activation and de-activation.
  • Central error handling
  • Spell checking

Application Administration Modules

These modules would most likely be used on the majority of the applications.
  • User Management (Register/Delete, Create Groups, Assign Permissions, etc.)
  • Search
  • Common Dialogs
  • Query building
  • Backend database manager
  • Dashboard creation and management

Building Blocks

These are modules that might not contain a defined functionality within themselves but would be rather used as "building blocks" of more complex features.
  • Hierarchical structures (including a TreeView control, parent-child tables, node classes, etc.)
  • File importing and exporting (Excel, CSV, text, Outlook contacts, etc.)
  • Photo and image viewer and manager
  • Automatic writer of Word documents

Specific Functionality

Building on the previous three, the following features could be implemented.
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
  • Asset register and management (including maintenance planning and record keeping)
  • Inventory control
  • Product Sales and Invoicing
  • Product and Services Quoting
  • Building of Work Instructions (useful for repair shops, service crews, etc.)

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